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Step 1:

Finding the best quality clay available is extremely important to produce best quality Moroccan tiles . The region of Fez has one of the best quality clay in Morocco.


Step 2:

Clay is then soaked in water for several days


Step 3:

Clay is then moulded by hand and flattened by a skilled craftsmen, the shape is now square and measures about 12 cm x 12 cm


Step 4:

The square raw clay tiles are then sun dried, no chemical or heated place is used to dry the clay it is done in an all natural way

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Step 5:

After tiles are well dryed another skilled craftsmen applies colors to the upper part of the tiles


Step 6:

The tiles are now placed in the natural wood fired kilns. The reason Moroccan tiles are unique in this world is because the heat circulates unevenly in the kiln giving irregularity in tones to each tiles.


Step 7:

After the tiles are fired, a particularly well trained craftsman will now cut and shape the tiles with the help of a sharp tool "mankach” all this is done by hand."

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